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Creams & MoisturizersFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Helixience cream WHITE RESOLUTION 50ml

HELIXIENCE Anti-Brown Spot Anti-Aging Cream: Combats the unsightly visible signs of time : Brown Spots, skin discoloration due to Pregnancy or Sun Exposure. Advanced anti-ageing treatment skin-care that restores suppleness...
Dhs. 148.00
Creams & MoisturizersFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Normalizing Cream 50ml

HELIABRINE Sweet Clover Normalizing Cream: This very gentle cream, efficiently hydrates, protects and softens dry, fragile and delicate skin.  A moisturizing and soothing plant complex helps reinforce the skin barrier. From...
Dhs. 76.00

Heliabrine Helixience Serum WHITE RESOLUTION 30ml

This outstanding formula restores a radiant skin and fights significantly the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, brown spots). Thanks to the “WHITESPHERETM PREMIUM” brightening complex and a Bearberry...
Dhs. 130.00

Heliabrine Eye Contour Treatment 15ml

Highly concentrated in anti-ageing (Algisium C®, Pomegranate oil), moisturizing (Hyaluronic acid, Plant glycerin), brightening (Bearberry) and draining (Ginkgo Biloba, Rutin, Arnica) active ingredients, this corrective serum addresses all specific problems...
Dhs. 110.00
Creams & MoisturizersFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Comfort 32 Cream 50ml

NEW FORMULAIdeal for dry, fragile and demanding skin. Instantly calms redness and itchiness.Prevents the loss of firmness and protects the skin from ageing. Deeply moisturized* and more resistant, the skin becomes...
Dhs. 76.00
Cleansers & Face WashFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Cleansing Lather Gel 250ml

Gently cleanses and purifies the skin, eliminates excess sebum and impurities. In 2 weeks, blemishes are less visible.Contains plant extracts with soothing properties and an antibacterial ingredient.Leaves the skin clean...
Dhs. 45.00

Heliabrine Autotan 150ml

This self-tanning cream gives a uniform and perfect natural golden tan all year long. Thanks to its light texture and moisturizing ingredients (Mango and Grape Seed oils), the Autotan spreads...
Dhs. 38.00

Heliabrine Wrinkle Filler Intensive Care 30ml

HELIABRINE Wrinkle Filler: This incredible formula associates a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid with Iparzine® -4A, an exclusive patented ingredient that helps fight effectively signs of ageing (loss of firmness and...
Dhs. 167.00

Heliabrine Solar Defense 50 50ml

Ensures a strong effective protection against UVA + UVB rays and premature skin ageing thanks to the association of organic broad spectrum filters and a Sunflower extract. Light and invisible...
Dhs. 70.00
BATH & BODYBody Moisturizers

Heliabrine Exfoliating Body Cream 200ml

Rich in moisturizing natural ingredients, this exfoliating cream genlty eliminates dead cells and impurities leaving the skin soft, silky and radiant. Instructions Once or twice a week, massage onto damp...
Dhs. 83.00
Creams & MoisturizersFace Serums

Heliabrine Puriphyl Solution 30ml

Treatment for oily skin condition and skin that is prone to acne. Combats bacteria and protects against the outbreak of acne conditions of all types. To be used on affected areas....
Dhs. 49.00

Heliabrine P Shampoo 250ml

Scalps with a tendency to dandruff produce unsightly flakes.Dandruff can also cause itching.This condition may be accompanied by over-secretion of the sebaceous glands.  HELIABRINE dandruff shampoo is used to treat...
Dhs. 55.00

Heliabrine Oxy-Defense Toning Lotion 200ml

The OXYDEFENSE Toning lotion immediately refreshes the complexion.It is essential to be used after cleansing the skin to complete the effective removal of make-up and impurities from the skin.This unique...
Dhs. 119.00
Cleansers & Face WashFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Oxy Defense Foam 200ml

This light and mild foam allows perfect cleansing of skin that is exposed to pollution and environmental stress. Because it is formulated with very mild cleansing agents, even persons with sensitive...
Dhs. 108.00
Cleansers & Face WashFACIAL SKIN CARE

Heliabrine Oxy-Defense Exfoliating Cream 75ml

Thanks to its triple action active ingredients, exfoliating (micro-particles of plum stones and coconut shells), moisturizing (shea butter, glycerin) and detoxifying (Ginkgo Biloba, Lupin), this smoothing peeling cream provides a...
Dhs. 159.00
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