Biorepair Plus Sensitive Teeth 75ml

Biorepair Plus Sensitive Teeth 75ml

Biorepair Plus Sensitive Teeth 75ml

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The patented Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth  formula acts on the dentin in order to reactivate the dentin tubules protection, reducing the problem of sensitivity.
  • 100ml pack of 2pcsfast sensitive repair italian language biorepair
  • Prevents decay. fills holes and cracks gradually
  • protection toothpaste, more effective with biorepair plus+ 46% microrepair
  • The microRepair® repairs damaged tooth enamel and prevents plaque and tartar from forming
  • the product is made in italy,100ml is discontinued. 75ml is avalialbe
    • Helps protect gums and freshen breath
    • no flouride, no paraben, No sodium lauryl sulphate, no silica abrasive, no titanium dioxide

We suggest that you use the Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth toothpaste, at least twice per day, after the main meals.
For a rapid desensitizing action, Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth can be applied directly on the tooth base, softly massaging for 30 seconds. Then, rinse accurately.

Also Children under 6 years of age are allowed to use Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth is permitted, thanks to the lack of Fluoride ions: microRepair® promotes the remineralization of both the enamel and dentin.

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