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Prim Elastic Metacarpal Wrist Support €“ P704Bg

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Dhs. 62.00

Adapts naturally to the wrist to eliminate tension and relieve pain.
Wrist strapping to selectively reinforce compression.
Seamless for greater comfort without chafing.

Indications: Stabilisation and compression after minor wrist injuries. Mild osteoarthritis of the wrist, general wrist pain, tendinitis, light bruising. Preventative Measures during sporting.
and work activities. Proprioceptive stimulation.
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Anatomical silicone padding over the malleoli that helps disperse tension and reduce stress on the ankle, providing

Protects against tendon overload and minimises the risk of injury.
Seamless for greater comfort without chafing.

Designed for maximum breathability, all Aqtivo elastic bandages incorporate AirQuick fabric, which quickly absorbs and expels moisture to the outside, allowing the continuous flow of air Dry skin, total comfort.

The Aqtivo elastic bandages, structured in lightweight and flexible 3D fibers, adapt like a second skin, providing a soft and beneficial
compression during sports practice. Its selective compression areas, protect the muscles and joints from overloads, favor blood
circulation and boost proprioception levels for better sports performance.