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The fresh, fruity and full-bodied scent of grapefruit immediately brings a smile to the face of every person. It has a mood-enhancing and encouraging effect on the psyche. Its stimulating and firming properties are appreciated in body care. Therefore, the essential oil is often used in cellulite body care.
Essential grapefruit oil has a mood-enhancing and encouraging effect on the psyche.

Special Features:
Recipe Tip 1: Purifying Massage Oil BlütenduftBodyfit Drop Grapefruit bio* 5 drops Lavender fine bio* 3 drops Rosemary Verbenon bio* with 50 ml Sesame oil bio* mix and massage the body oil gently into the skin.Recipe Tip 2: Body peeling 2Blütenduft Drop Rose turk. 10% bio* 2 drops Lavender fine bio* 2 drops Grapefruit bio* 3 tablespoons Almond oil bio* 2 tablespoons Sea salt All ingredients mix well and shower on the whole body on 2 tablespoons Sea salt.

For room scenting, mixed and diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic application on the skin e.g. in facial and body oils, for massage oils, for therapeutic embrocation and for compresses, as bath additive, for masks, for self-mixed cosmetic products.
More Info:
  • All PRIMAVERA essential oils are 100% pure, genuine single-origin products, uncompromised, and absolutely natural.
  • Uses the highest amount of certified organic ingredients available.
  • Cruelty-free

Experience the gifts of nature for your body, mind, and spirit with aromatherapeutic essential oils that enhance your sense of well-being. These powerful oils can do everything from balancing your frazzled mind to stimulating your immune system.

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