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The warm pink floral fragrant essential oil of the rose geranium is a rose geranium brings balance and balance in "stressful" times. It has a harmonising effect and is particularly kind to the skin. Rose geranium oil is often only mentioned as an inexpensive fragrance alternative to real rose oil (Rosa damacena), which does not do it justice. Not only does it smell similar, it also has an extraordinary spectrum of action. As a well-tolerated, daily skin care it has a regulating effect on all skin needs, such as impure skin, but also tired and mature skin benefits. For skin regeneration in burns or eczema, as scar care, makes them smooth and almost invisible. Its balancing properties serve women in all life situations, as it can provide hormone balance, for example, in puberty, when wanting children, in menopausal symptoms. It can help to accept change. Rose geranium oil is extracted from the leaves of the real scented geranium. A valuable but attractively priced oil that can be used in many body care compositions. Together with sandalwood, ho leaves a beautiful floral perfume.

Additional Details:
balancing, regenerating, sensual, beauty oil, women's balance oil, skin regeneration, scar oil

Special Features:
Recipe tip 1: Facial oil beauty elixirDrop in 30 ml wild rose oil with 5-8 drops of essential oil rose geranium bio*. Mix well, allow to mature for a few days and then use drop by drop as facial oil. You can use it as an oil serum to pat it into the moist skin or enrich your day cream with it. Recipe tip 2: Wellness bath Harmonie3 drops lavender fine* bio3 drops blood orange* bio5 drops rose geranium* bio3 tbsp cream or honeyMix the essential oil mixture with honey or cream and add to the flowing bath water.Recipe tip 3: Hair oil Intensive treatmentStrained hair? The combination of chlorine water, salt water and sun dries out the hair and makes it look dull. Here is a recipe for a hair oil as an intensive treatment. 50 ml wheat germ oil 5 ml jojoba oil* organic 5 Tr. sea buckthorn pulp oil* organic 7 Tr. lavender fine* bo 6 Tr. sandalwood ind.* organic 7 Tr. rose geranium* organic Soak a cotton ball with oil and apply strand after strand to the hair. Leave on for 2 hours. Recipe tip 4: Hair pack 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon wheat germ oil 2 tr. lavender fine organic 2 tr. rose geranium organic 4 tr. sea buckthorn pulp oil, egg yolk and wheat germ oil mix with a mixer, then add the essential oils and sea buckthorn oil. Apply this mixture to dry hair and leave on for up to 60 minutes. Rinse well with water and wash with a mild neutral shampoo.

For room scenting, mixed and diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic application on the skin e.g. in facial and body oils, for massage oils, for therapeutic embrocation and for compresses, as bath additive, for masks, for self-mixed cosmetic products.

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          • All PRIMAVERA essential oils are 100% pure, genuine single-origin products, uncompromised, and absolutely natural.
          • Uses the highest amount of certified organic ingredients available.
          • Cruelty-free

          Experience the gifts of nature for your body, mind, and spirit with aromatherapeutic essential oils that enhance your sense of well-being. These powerful oils can do everything from balancing your frazzled mind to stimulating your immune system.

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