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Middles in life

Enjoy the moment, accept every challenge and be part of every adventure - full of energy and zest for action. This is how it feels to be in the middle of life.

Preserve this juvenile feeling of life. Strengthen your body and mind with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and plenty of outdoor exercise. In this way you create the best conditions for enjoying many moments of happiness in the future as well.

The Ayumeda ayurvedic food supplements help you optimize your diet. Our holistic extracts contain the best that nature has to offer in high bioavailability.

BIO Amla at a glance

Amla (Indian gooseberry / Phyllanthus emblica) is a perennial, small to medium-sized tree with finely pinnate flowers. Its green-yellow, table tennis ball sized fruits reach full maturity in autumn and are traditionally harvested by hand.

In classical Ayurveda, the Indian gooseberry is considered a sacred fruit around which many stories entwine. It is said that one of the trunks of Brahma, the horse god, fell to the ground and the Amla tree grew out of it. The holy fruit, however, is quite fibrous and tastes very bitter and astringent. Süß or pickled, it is on the daily menu in India.

With the Ayumeda extraction process, we have made the most of the Amla fruits and processed them into a high-quality food supplement.

Package contents: 60 capsules. Recommended daily dose 2 capsules per day.

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