Herbatint H/C 8D (L.Golden Blonde)


Herbatint H/C 8D (L.Golden Blonde)

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  • Made in Italy since 1970 with 36 shade color range
  • Organically based permanent hair colour that contains eight herbal extracts.
  • Natural and Healthy Shine,Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color
  • No Ammonia - Alcohol - Parabens,Cruelty Free and Vegan
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Herbatint permanent herbal hair colour in Light Golden Blonde..

Up to two applications per pack. Product has twelve-month shelf life after opening as denoted by jar open symbol on packaging.

Not for use on eyebrows or beards.
48 hour skin test advised prior to use.


1 bottle of Herbatint hair colour 60ml;

1 bottle of Herbatint Glycol Developer 60ml;

Sachet of Normalising Shampoo 15ml;

Sachet of Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner 15ml;

Plastic Gloves and Application Instructions.

Mix equal parts of the colour and developer in a glass or plastic bowl. Do not use anything made of metal.

Mix with a brush thoroughly until gel consistency is achieved then apply directly to dry and unwashed hair from roots to tips.

Leave on your hair for not less than 40 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly until the water is clear. Avoid getting the product to your eyes by tilting your head back while rinsing.

Wash your hair with Herbatint Normalising Shampoo.

After washing, apply Royal Cream Herbatint regenerating conditioner. Leave on for five minutes then rinse hair again thoroughly.

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