KioSlim Weight Loss 30 Sachet

KIO SLIM SKU: 44427603
KioSlim Weight Loss 30 Sachet
KioSlim Weight Loss 30 Sachet

KioSlim Weight Loss 30 Sachet

KIO SLIM SKU: 44427603
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  • Binding fat up to 42% .
  • Reducing sugar absorption by 46%.
  • Improving satiation.
  • Avoiding feeling cravings.
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KiOslim™ is intended to be used in the treatment and prevention of overweight in order to prevent diseases related to excess of weight and body fats and is intended to help with:
• treatment of excess of weight,
• weight control,
by means of reducing caloric intake for restoring a healthy energetic
balance and supporting a weight managementprogram thanks to a
double action:
• reducing appetite andpreventing excessive eating and cravings, and
• lowering fat intake

1 stick three times a day (before breakfast, dinner and lunch), to be taken 15 minutes
before each meal with one or two large glasses of water.
KiOslim™ is suitable for long term use and
recommended to be used up to 12 weeks

KiOslim™ Complex,Maltodextrin, Colloidal
silicon dioxide, Aroma, Sucralose.

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