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Relieve joint pain with a patented collagen form that encourages the regeneration of articular cartilage.

Collagenflex contains Fortigel® collagen – a protein with a low molecular mass, which is acquired through a special patented technology. It contains amino acids that are extremely well-absorbed by the body and encourage the production of collagen that stimulates the regeneration of articular cartilage.

Collagen represents 30 % of all the protein found in the human organism, which makes it the most abundant protein in the body. It can be found in cartilage, bones and sinew. Being a firm and flexible tissue, articular cartilage absorbs shocks from blows and strains, and retains the synovial fluid. The quantity of collagen in the body decreases with aging; therefore, a body can no longer follow the natural regeneration process, which is reflected in difficulty in moving.

Kill the pain in joints with a substance proclaimed by the German market research agency Forst&Sullivan as the European health substance of 2008. Fortigel® collagen in food supplement Kolagenflex will encourage your body to produce more collagen, and added vitamin C with its role to contribute to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage and bones is an additional help to your body.


Recommended daily allowance is 1 bag (10 g). Mix it with yogurt, juice, water or any other liquid, and wait for it to dissolve. Dissolved, it absorbs in the body the fastest way. We recommend you take it every day for at least 3 months.  

For one month of regular use:
2 packages (one package suffices for 14 days of regular use).

Do not exceed recommended daily allowance. Food supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced and diverse diet. Keep the product away from children! If you develop signs of oversensitivity, stop using the product.

Store in a dark, dry place with temperature under 25 °C.


Fortigel® Collagen 99.9 %, vitamin C.

No preservatives, colouring, artificial flavouring, and sweeteners.



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