Orthomol Choline Plus 60 Capsules

ORTHOMOL SKU: 44427232

Orthomol Choline Plus 60 Capsules

ORTHOMOL SKU: 44427232
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  • contribution to the maintenance of normal liver function
  • combines choline and the plant extract silymarin, which is extracted from the fruits and seeds of milk thistle.
  • Vegan,Lactose-free,Gluten-free
  • Made in Germany. Orthomol has over 20 years of experience in Europe.
  • Germany
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Orthomol Cholin Plus is a food supplement with choline as a contribution to the maintenance of normal liver function and silymarin from milk thistle extract.

Orthomol Choline Plus contains:
• Choline as a contribution to the maintenance of normal liver function and silymarin from milk thistle extract.
• Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism and to normal homocysteine metabolism.

The milk thistle (Silybum marianum) was grown even in medieval times in German monastery gardens and nowadays is widespread above all in Europe and Asia. It contains silymarin, for example.

Functions of choline
In human metabolism, choline is converted to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter, ie. transmitter of nerve signals.

Nerves and memory
Acetylcholine is involved as a signal transmitter in the control of nerve processes, memory processes, mood moods, and behavior. The transmission of stimuli to the muscles requires acetylcholine, so that vital functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure control or metabolic processes in general.

Enzymes and hormones
Choline is central to the synthesis of various hormones and enzymes and interacts e.g. with noradrelin and melatonin. In addition, choline is involved in the metabolism of creatine.

Also important is the contribution of choline to healthy homocysteine ​​metabolism. Homocysteine ​​is a body-own degradation product and must be metabolized permanently. This is done with folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. But betaine and choline also help break down homocysteine. A high homocysteine ​​level is now mentioned in one breath with high cholesterol, as both factors increase the long-term risk of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Choline transports the fatty acids (triglycerides) from the liver to the places needed in the body. In the case of a choline deficiency, more fat is stored in the liver because this metabolic process is disturbed.

A high-fat liver ("fatty liver") can only detoxify the body to a limited extent, liver functions are limited. Choline can contribute to normal liver function and normal fat metabolism.

Choline in asthma
A dietary supplement containing choline seems to reduce asthma symptoms. In one study, choline supplementation improved the need for medication by adding 3,000 mg of choline daily. 1,500 mg of choline daily was slightly less effective.

Why are Orthomol products  expensive?

Take 2 capsules with alot of fluids with or after meals,
if required, open the capsule and sprinkle it into cold and lukewarm food or drinks to mix.

composition per 2 capsules
Choline 165 mg, Milk Thistle Extract 270 mg,of which silymarin 125 mg.
Choline Bitartrate (46%), Milk Thistle Extract with Silymarin (from Silybum marianum)
(29%), coating agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, release agent silicon dioxide.

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