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Original Orthomol® Immun - Ready to Drink Vials
  • Orthomol Immun is a food for special medical purposes
  • Orthomol Immun for the dietary management of nutrition-related immune deficiencies, for example after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The immune system is a highly complex network that plays a vital role in the workings of our bodies. It is dependent on the sufficient supply of energy and vitamins, trace elements and “phytonutrients” (i.e. plant or fruit-derived chemical compounds) known as “micronutrients”. A balanced diet normally ensures that the immune system is supplied with the necessary micronutrients, among other things. Special stressful situations increase the need for micronutrients, such as In the case of acute and chronic infections In the case of chronic illnesses (e.g. asthma) After chemotherapy and radiation therapy After operations, for convalescence Old age A normal diet often fails to meet this need. In order to guarantee a sufficient supply for the immune system, an immune-specific micronutrient therapy is required.

Orthomol Immun provides the combination of vitamins, trace elements and phytonutrients required by the immune system.

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