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Prim Long Elastic Stabilising Wrist Support With Palmar Splint C600 Left Hand

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The ESSENCIAL orthosis incorporates mouldable and removable aluminium splints in the palmar and/or thumb area for individualised, comfortable and effective stabilisation of the joints. Breathable fabric. Latex-free. Internal fabric with micro-massage . Secure closures.


With removable and mouldable aluminium palmar splint to stabilise the wrist joint according to the needs of the patient. With Velcro closures for easy opening, adjustment, fitting and removal of the orthosis. It features an elastic strap in the wrist area for greater bracing and stability. Inner fabric with micro-massage effect to promote blood circulation.
Length: 22cm


Carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome, De Quervain syndrome, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, ligament injuries, trauma, post-surgery, wrist stabiliser and sports injuries.