Primavera Tea Tree Organic 5ML

Primavera Tea Tree Organic 5ML

Primavera Tea Tree Organic 5ML

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Smells spicy, herbaceous, strict; acts cleansing, clarifying, antibacterial, disinfectant, for the home.

Special Features:
PRIMAVERA offers essential oils with freshness guarantee! We protect all essential oils with a noble gas against oxidation, the amber glass bottle offers 100% UV protection and the tamper-evident closure serves product protection and customer safety. The cap cracks when first opened, so you can be sure that the essential oil is opened for the first time and is therefore fresh. The closure is also childproof. Make a note of the opening date on the vial.

For room scenting, mixed and diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic application on the skin e.g. in facial and body oils, for massage oils, for therapeutic embrocation and for compresses, as bath additive, for masks, for self-mixed cosmetic products.

More Info:

  • All PRIMAVERA essential oils are 100% pure, genuine single-origin products, uncompromised, and absolutely natural.
  • Uses the highest amount of certified organic ingredients available.
  • Cruelty-free

Experience the gifts of nature for your body, mind, and spirit with aromatherapeutic essential oils that enhance your sense of well-being. These powerful oils can do everything from balancing your frazzled mind to stimulating your immune system.

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