Puriti Manuka Honey Umf20+ 250G

PURITI SKU: 44431229

Puriti Manuka Honey Umf20+ 250G

PURITI SKU: 44431229
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  • 100% genuine Manuka honey harvested
  • Tested, Certified and Packed in New Zealand.
  • Guarantees higher MGO concentrations
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Puriti Manuka Honey Umf20+ 250G is premium quality certified Manuka honey from New Zealand. This honey contains a minimum of 20+ on the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) scale, ensuring it meets the highest standard of purity and has a guaranteed natural concentration of Manuka pollen. Its high potency makes it perfect to help with digestion, improve immune system responses, and aid gut health.

PURITI’s UMF™ 20+ MGO 850 is one of the rarest variations of Manuka honey that the market has to offer. With a limited number of jars produced annually, this honey makes for a perfect gift or premium addition to a daily wellness ritual. Featuring a deeper colour, more potent MGO value, creamy velvet texture and a diverse range of distinct nutritional compounds.

Each jar of  UMF™ 20+ will have a minimum MGO concentration of  850+. While other Mānuka honey brands set their minimum MGO concentration at  829+, PURITI goes above and beyond the requirements set by UMF™ to ensure that you get more potent Mānuka honey for a similar price.

Ultra-concentrated and tested to more stringent quality requirements ensuring the highest level of purity well above the legal requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Manuka Honey Science Definition.

A precious gift from nature, experience a taste of this liquid gold right on your doorstep. Have confidence in PURITI’s 100% genuine Manuka honey harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand.

PURITI Manuka honey is made from 100% New Zealand sourced raw, authentic Manuka honey.

Monofloral honey produced from the nectar of New Zealand's native Manuka tree. It is often purchased as an alternative to natural remedy or traditional medicine.

Minerals found in Manuka honey:
Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc

Vitamins found in Manuka honey:
B6, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, Amino acids

Known for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, Manuka Honey is widely used in advanced wound care supporting natural immune function. PURITI Manuka honey can be used topically and is also commonly used for consumption. Perfect on toast, over ice-cream, by the spoonful or even in baking - our honey is a delicious treat and great alternative to refined sugar with a slower, more balanced energy release.

Popular uses include:

- Improving oral health
- Calming digestive symptoms
- Soothing a sore throat
- Wound healing
- Natural cough suppressant

We can confidently say that PURITI is probably the world’s best Manuka honey.

Manuka Honey is widely used to support natural immune functions.

PURITI Manuka honey is perfect on toast, sipped with hot water, drizzled over ice-cream, eaten by the spoonful or even used in baking.

Our honey is a delicious treat and great natural alternative to refined sugar.

We can confidently say that PURITI is probably the world’s best Manuka honey.

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Our Story

The definition of PURITI is simple – it’s the superlative form of pure.

PURITI was founded in 2018 as part of Midlands Apiaries Limited. Midlands Apiaries has honey production history dating back almost 100 years.

PURITI is 100% locally owned and dedicated to producing premium, non-GMO, Glyphosate residue-free, single-origin Manuka honey from our state-of-the-art production and packaging facilities. PURITI is proud to be a 100% New Zealand-made brand with passionate Kiwis at the helm.

Harvested and produced in the greenest New Zealand environments, we provide the world with luxurious Manuka honey. Our quality and certification standards are a promise to our customers that we only deliver the best.

When it comes to quality, we don’t see government standards, testing and regulation simply as targets to achieve; we see them as the bare minimum. For PURITI they are the starting point for our own quality standards that demand far higher purity levels. We also voluntarily testing for contaminants that we believe are important to the consumer but are not at this stage a legal requirement.

With world leading quality and excellence as our benchmark, we are an interwoven group of people, products, skills and services operating on a global scale from our home turf in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Puriti Philosophy

Produce, Harvest, Pack, Test & Certify 100% Pure Manuka Honey in New Zealand
At PURITI, we are determined to protect the authenticity and rarity of the world’s most unique honey sourced from our remote hives.

Our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean, green New Zealand – some are accessed only by helicopter. In this sustainable environment, our bees live up to their reputation as nature’s hardest workers.

PURITI has immense respect for the native land and species; we strive to maintain a prosperous environment for all who exist. We harvest, pack, test, and certify only the purest single-origin raw Manuka honey with exceptional quality as our benchmark.

PURITI Authenticity

Pure. Premium. Protected.
With PURITI, we do everything we can to protect the quality and inherent rarity of New Zealand Mānuka honey. Always looking to challenge convention and improve the status quo, we are determined to defend against fake and counterfeit honeys. That’s why we develop and adhere to stricter testing protocols than the government standards, setting a new benchmark of quality.

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