Algem Natura Manuka Gummy 40's


Algem Natura Manuka Gummy 40's

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  • Containing manuka honey, mauve and hudge mustard
  • Help regulate the immune system function
  • Delicious taste and easy-to-swallow
  • Made in Italy--100% natural
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Algem Natura Manuka Gummy is a food supplement containing Manuka Honey, MAUVE, and Hudge Mustard to support immune system.

Recommended Use--Take 1-2 Gummies daily.

Taking supplements daily is often perceived as a duty, “a bitter pill to swallow”. This can have a negative impact on the regular use of supplements.

Take 1 or 2 gummies daily when needed.

Maltitol syrup, Starch(Zea Mays L), Water, Manuka Honey, N-acetylcysteine, Maltitol Powder, Hedge-mustard (Sisymbrium officinale Scop), Mauve (Malva Sylvestris L.), Mint Ph Eur., dye:Turmeric.

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Yummy and gelatin free.

They meet everyone’s needs, especially for those on a vegan diet or with food intolerance (i.e. gluten, lactose). For all these reasons Algem gummies are produced without animal gelatine.

Are Gummy Supplements Effective?

Thanks to the experience and the knowledge of our R & D team, we are able to guarantee that the efficacy of this pharmaceutical form is the same as the other “traditional”
forms like capsules or tablets. Try to believe!

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