Canephron 60 Tablets

Bionorica SKU: 44405588

Canephron 60 Tablets

Bionorica SKU: 44405588
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  • Herbal medicine for Urinary Tract Infection/Bladder Infection/Cystitis
  • Reduces burning and pain relaxes bladder cramps helps to flush out bacteria
  • It is important to drink large amounts of fluid to flush the bacteria out of the bladder.
  • Made in Germany--Bionorica is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicinal products in the world over 90 years
  • Germany
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Canephron® is a herbal medicine that offers a supportive treatment for mild symptoms of cystitis. Cystitis refers to an inflammation of the bladder, which can lead to swelling and irritation. In most of the cases, cystitis is caused by Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) due to bacteria that enter the bladder and start to multiply. Cystitis can also be caused due to an imbalance in the body’s naturally occurring bacteria. Women are particularly affected by this infection as their urethra is much shorter (approx. 2.5 cm - 4 cm) than the male (approx. 20 cm)

For adolescents aged 12 and over and adults is 2 tablets. Daily dose is 6 tablets. Take a single dose in the morning, lunchtime and evening. Canephron tablets are swallowed whole, with some liquid (e.g. glass of water).

The active substances are:
1 coated tablet contains:

Common centaury powder 18 mg.
Lovage root powder 18 mg.
Rosemary leaf powder 18 mg.

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