Frezyderm Pregnancy Toothpaste 75ML

Frezyderm Pregnancy Toothpaste 75ML

Frezyderm Pregnancy Toothpaste 75ML

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No essential oils
Sodium Fluoride 1.450ppm
Gluten Free

Toothpaste for the daily care of the oral cavity during pregnancy and lactation. Specially selected active ingredients with synergistic action thoroughly treat oral cavity problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation. Sodium Fluoride 1450ppm. No essential oils.

• Enriches oral cavity with calcium and phosphate ions
• Accelerates smooth enameling of teeth
• Protects the gums
• Fights against dental plaque
• Treats mouth dryness
• Protects from cavities

Calcium Hydroxyapatite: Enriches oral cavity with calcium and phosphate ions accelerating smooth enameling of teeth
Cymenol: Fights against dental plaque | Prohibits the creation of oral biofilm
Fluoride 1450ppm: Protection from caries
Natural aminoacid (4% w/w): Treating mouth dryness
Tannins from kelps: Against gum bleeding

Suitable for Pregnant and lactating women.
Brush your teeth 2-3 times per day. Use of Gingivital Mouthwash is recommended.

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