Sanosan Baby Panthenol Nappy Cream 100ML Tube

SANOSAN SKU: 44430730
Sanosan Baby Panthenol Nappy Cream 100ML Tube

Sanosan Baby Panthenol Nappy Cream 100ML Tube

SANOSAN SKU: 44430730
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  • Protects and soothes baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Repels moisture from the skin
  • No colourants ∙ no perfume ∙ no parabens and silicones ∙ no paraffin oil
  • High content of panthenol of 5% and vitamin E
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Panthenol Diaper Rash Ointment 100ml

pure+sensitive – from birth onwards

ointment for sensitive and allergy-prone skin


100 ml

    Baby’s skin requires particular care and protection in the first year of life. Special baby care products help to support the not yet fully matured protective function of the skin. Less is more when caring for sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. That is why sanosan pure+sensitive formulations were especially developed for this type of skin, and tested by leading dermatologists. Anything that could irritate baby’s sensitive skin has been avoided.

    sanosan Panthenol Diaper Rash Ointment protects and soothes baby’s sensitive skin.

    It forms a protective layer that repels moisture from the skin. The balancing formulation with the particularly high content of panthenol of 5% and vitamin E soothes the skin and supports its own regeneration. The stressed skin is supplied with sufficient moisture and is protected against dehydration.

    Panthenol Ointment Diaper Rash has been clinically tested by an independent dermatological institute and awarded the 5-star Dermatest seal. The five-star seal represents the original DERMATEST® premium segment and means that the product has been successfully tested for at least four weeks under dermatological supervision. Maximum safety for babies with allergy-prone skin.

    no colourants ∙ no perfume ∙ no parabens and silicones ∙ no paraffin oil

    Apply to dry skin areas such as ears, cheeks and skin wrinkles, in the underarm or diaper area. Gently rub the ointment in regularly and re-apply if necessary. In the event of rashes in the diaper area, apply the cream gently to the to the affected skin areas.


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    Our vision

    To provide the best care products for the healthy skin of babies, kids and mums.
    For more than 40 years, sanosan has been committed to healthy baby skin.
    No other organ is as diverse and fascinating as our skin.
    Your baby’s skin, however, is particularly delicate and vulnerable.
    Our vision is to provide mothers, their babies and children all over the world with the best skin care products they can imagine.
    We manufacture our products with love and great know-how in our family business in the south of Germany. But the best products are not good enough for us.

    Our values

    Health, responsibility and safety

    Every single day, we align all our efforts with the values we stand for:

    The health of her baby is the most important thing in a mum’s life. Especially important is her baby’s healthy skin and the right care products that help this wonderful, delicate skin to develop a healthy skin protection barrier and that do not irritate it in any way. sanosan only uses the gentlest surfactants and natural ingredients such as milk protein, organic olive oil and extract.

    sanosan takes responsibility for the future of our earth. We are not only committed to healthy baby skin, but also to a future worth living for today’s smallest inhabitants of this beautiful planet. For this reason, we not only rely on a high level of natural ingredients in our products, but also ensure that our formulas are biodegradable.

    For mums all over the world, the safety of products and ingredients is the most important aspect when it comes to baby care.

    We at sanosan take this very seriously: the safety of our products is our number one priority. We develop our formulas in our own research and development laboratories in southwest Germany.

    Our natural ingredients

    Our natural ingredients
    When creating our formulas, we pay the utmost attention to a high proportion of natural ingredients.

    We only use active ingredients that are specially tailored to your baby’s skin.
    Natural milk protein is the central ingredient in sanosan and is especially nourishing for the skin.
    Precious substances like organic olive oil and organic olive extract complement our formulations.
    More than 90 % of the ingredients are of natural origin; the formulations are biodegradable

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